Post Falls Crime Scene Cleanup

MedTech Cleaners – Post Falls Crime Scene Cleanup


For over 25 years MedTech Cleaners has been providing crime scene cleanup in Post Falls, Idaho. We are local, family and family owned. Our experience and dedication is unmatched in the area.

When you are faced with a crime scene cleanup situation, it can seem overwhelming. MedTech is here to help, providing 24 hour caring crime scene cleanup service in North Idaho.  We understand the finical burden a crime scene cleanup can present.  That’s why we work with your insurance company to minimize out of pocket costs to you. Getting back to life and healing after this traumatic experience should be your focus, so we work hard to handle all aspects of the cleanup for you.

MedTech is Here 24/7 to Help

The reality of a crime scene can be grisly. After the first-responders and crime scene investigators have left, the family of the victims are often left to deal with the aftermath. loved ones and property owners faced with the daunting task of dealing with the blood, bodily fluids and other contaminates left can often feel overwhelmed.  MedTech Cleaners believes that this is a situation nobody should have to go through alone. Our caring professionals are standing by to help you through this difficult time .

Cleaning a violent crime scene can be traumatic and presents health risks to the individuals doing the cleaning and anyone inhabiting the location moving forward. Blood and bodily fluids are a biohazard and present a substantial risk to life and health. After a violent crime takes place in a home the owners often want to sell the property. Before this can take place, all traces of the crime must be removed to ensure that the residence is safe to be inhabited in the future. At MedTech, our goal is to remove all traces of the crime and return the location to a safe environment as quickly as possible so you can get back to your life.