Infectious Disease Cleanup Services

MedTech Cleaners is experienced in infectious disease cleanup in commercial, community and residential settings. Our qualified knowledgeable staff has specialized training and extensive field experience in biohazard cleanup of infectious diseases. Persistent infections can be difficult to eliminate from a work place or home, and the cycle of reinfection can be frustrating and dangerous. This is precisely why MedTech Cleaners is here to provide extensive top to bottom cleaning and disinfecting services.

Workplace Infectious Disease Cleaning Services

Workplace infectious disease cleanup can be vital in environments such as office buildings where multiple members of the staff are becoming ill with the same infection. Infectious disease in the work place not only effects employee health but can pose a risk to employees’ families. Subsequently, This kind of situation can impact productivity and employee moral as well. MedTech Cleaners is an industry leader in infectious disease cleaning services for office buildings and other work places. MedTech offers infectious disease cleaning services for:

Residential Infectious Disease Cleaning Services

Residential infectious disease cleanup services from MedTech Cleaners are an effective solution to help protect individuals whose homes present a persistent reinfection risk. Some pathogens are difficult to eliminate from a home or residence. MedTech Cleaners trained professionals have specialized training and experience in cleaning and disinfecting homes where infectious pathogens are present. Reinfection of the effected individual and of other individuals living in the same space can be a serious issue with virulent or dangerous infectious diseases including:

  • Clostridioides difficile (c. diff)
  • Hepatitis
  • Influenza

Why Choose MedTech Cleaners?

For Decades MedTech Cleaners has been the trusted name in infectious disease cleaning services in the inland and pacific northwest. Our skilled technicians have extensive experience cleaning up infectious diseases in homes and businesses.  We are always honored for the opportunity to help the people of our community in their time of need.  As Always, MedTech Cleaners have staff on call 24/7 to answer all your biohazard cleaning and infectious disease cleanup questions.