Covid-19 Cleanup

COVID-19 Cleanup Services in Boise, Idaho

MedTech Cleaners skilled infectious disease cleanup professionals are here to help with all your COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting needs. Since 1991 MedTech Cleaners has been produly providing Idaho biohazard cleanup services including infectious disease cleanup and disinfection. Our highly trained and experenced biohazard cleanup professionals are here to serve the Boise area with 24/7 Covid-19 cleanup services. MedTech Cleaners has clearly defined infectious disease cleaning protocols that meet or exceed standards set by the CDC for COVID-19 cleanup

COVID-19 Cleanup Services for Boise Businesses.

Infectious disease cleanup for your businesses is one of MedTech Cleaners’ areas of expertise. Our biohazard professionals know the ins and outs of cleaning and disinfecting workplaces from infectious disease contaminants including COVID-19. Essential services, and businesses need to stay open during this time, but face the added challenge of protecting employees, customers and the public. MedTech Cleaners is here to help businesses such as grocery and essential goods stores, gas stations, assisted living facilities and medical facilities. You can rest assured that at MedTech Cleaners, safety is our highest priority, and we dispose of any effected surface that cannot be sanitized in a manner that it wont expose anyone else to potential pathogens.