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The need for homeless camp cleanup in Spokane grown drastically over the past several years. With the recent housing crisis in Spokane the homeless population has exploded and so has the number of homeless camps. This issue has been compounded by the increase in housing costs and the lack of low income housing availability in Spokane and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, These camps create an ongoing biological hazard. Dangers such as human waste, garbage, rodent infestation, and used drug paraphilia can be present in Spokane homeless camps. The cleanup of these sites often involves extensive work, including biological decontamination by trained biohazard remediation professionals. MedTech cleaners’ experienced biohazard cleanup crews are standing by 24/7 to meet Seattle’s homeless camp cleanup needs.

City officials are tasked with the difficult job of recovering and storing belongings and making placements for individuals living in the camps. This can be complicated by lack of resources and availability of shelter space.  After placements and belongings have been secured, the biological cleanup must begin. Sometimes there are human and animal wastes left behind, along with other bodily fluids and syringes. All these items must be handled by trained biohazard cleanup professionals like those at MedTech Cleaners. If left unattended these hazards can pose a threat to the health and safety of the community. It is important that a through job of removing and decontaminating the area is done to prevent a persistent environmental danger. Our certified technicians have extensive experience cleaning up homeless encampments.

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