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Coronavirus Cleanup Services from MedTech Cleaners

MedTech Cleaners offers (Covid-19) Coronavirus cleanup services in Washington State and throughout the pacific northwest. With decades of experience cleaning up infectious diseases, MedTech Cleaners is Washington’s choice for novel coronavirus or COVID-19 cleanup services.  Our experienced and certified biohazard cleanup technical are standing by to service the region in it’s time of need.

Coronavirus Cleanup Procedures

Environmental cleaning and disinfection recommendations from the CDC include both cleaning and disinfecting surfaces with approved cleaners and disinfectants. Based on what is currently known about the coronavirus disease 2019 and similar corona viruses such as SARS and MERS, these types of virus spread most frequently from person to person contact through respiratory droplets. However, current evidence suggests that novel coronavirus may remain viable for days on a variety of surfaces and materials. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in accordance with infectious disease and virus cleanup best practices is recommended by the CDC. Recommendations include cleaning and disinfection of households where persons under investigation and/or individuals who have confirmed to have COVID-19 live or have been in self isolation.


Disinfecting Homes and Businesses From Coronavirus

It is important to clean and disinfect all surfaces that are contacted by a person infected with corona virus has come in contact with including porous surfaces and materials as well as hard surfaces. At MedTech Cleaners we adhere to stringent biohazard cleanup protocols that prevent the spread of contaminated materials from cleanup sites. These protocols also insure our technicians’ safety and the safety of the community. All contaminated materials that cannot be cleaned are disposed of as biological waste in a manner that prevents contamination of the environment or exposure to pathogens by anyone else.



MedTech Cleaners has been the Northwest’s most trusted name in biohazard cleaning since 1991. In this time of crisis, we are here, as always, for the community to provide compassionate coronavirus cleanup services 24 hours a day 7 days a week.